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Custom Business Software

Do you have an idea for a software application designed to automate and streamline your business?

Are you thinking about developing and marketing a unique software solution?

In either case, make Think Logic, LLC your first stop. With over seven years of experience specializing in custom business applications and database design, we are the innovative industry leader. We have completed projects with over one hundred clients in both B2B and B2C vertical sectors. Our clients include educational institutions, the automotive industry, the financial world, not for profit organizations, advertising and media, healthcare, real estate, the mortgage industry, and others.

How do we ensure your organization will be satisfied with our solution? It begins with your custom roadmap. This blueprint presents a comprehensive customized plan consisting of a detailed timeline and requirements documentation. ThinkLogic creates your custom roadmap prior to the execution of your solution.

ThinkLogic works with your team to develop your custom roadmap based on your unique requirements. Your roadmap will thoroughly document the details necessary to help guarantee your project stays on track. In addition, it will ensure that we complete your project in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. The roadmap consists of the following sections:
  1. Business requirements ThinkLogic Rule Number 1: define and understand real business requirements in detail before talking technology. This section outlines and defines the objectives of the project in business terms. This includes a comprehensive ROI analysis to determine if investing resources and moving forward makes sense.
  2. Software architecture ThinkLogic provides a comprehensive flow chart to identify the application structure necessary for creation of the software.
  3. Programming specifications This section details the programming logic and/or methodology for each given step in the flow chart.
  4. Technical requirements Our developers identify the necessary hardware systems and software configurations for the software application.
  5. Development issues We outline areas of concern for future development, and potential strategies for accommodating such issues.
  6. Compilation Once ThinkLogic completes all of the sections, we compile an appendix of notes, research, and documentation.
Would you invest with a company who did not create a detailed plan of how to make certain your project stays on track, meets your expectations, and remains within your budget?

Discover if your project can benefit from the experience that ThinkLogic offers. Please contact us to learn more.

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