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What would happen if your website or web application went down for two hours? How much would that really cost?

How important is security? What would happen if your customer information got into the hands of a thief or a competitor?

Why look to ThinkLogic for your hosting requirements? ThinkLogic offers quality hosting and superior service. We provide high quality service with competitive pricing. ThinkLogic is not hosting for the masses. Our goal is not to provide hosting services for the masses - we look to host certain clients with certain needs for a reasonable price.

With numerous hosting options available, many companies are still hard pressed to find a solution that suits their security, quality, and budget requirements. With this in mind, ThinkLogic built a hosting facility that incorporates optimum hardware and software solutions as well as years of industry experience.

Our server racks are securely located at the telecom internet backbone in Downtown Los Angeles for reliability and available bandwidth selection.

Our hardware runs seamlessly because our servers never exceed 75% capacity. To ensure security, our network architecture incorporates reliable Linux firewalls.

Please contact us to learn more about how we may help you with web hosting, application hosting, or to learn more about our co-location options.

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